With the new LX Series range of linear motion units, MISUMI Europa offers compact ‘ready-tofit’ systems for applications with high precision and efficiency requirements. Due to the high number of options available, they are suitable for use in many industrial spheres, including single-or multi-axle applications in feeder units, adhesive dispensers and soldering units. The LX linear motion units (patent pending) are made from matched components and are characterised by a high level of precision and compact dimensions. They are offered in an ‘S’ style (standard open) and ‘C’ style (covered), with each having a one- or two-guide carriage option. The maximum carrying load of the single block design is 17.2 kN (Co) and 34.4 kN (Co) respectively. The base plate has tapped holes on both sides for fi tting the sensor rails and is available in lengths between 100mm and 600mm in increments of 50mm, or increments of 10mm. The carriages are guided by precision-cut ball screws in a rail profile with a low centre of mass and a two-row, arch-shaped rail. This compact, high rigidity design can withstand loads from four directions: radial and inverted radial load and both lateral load directions. The LXS system is fitted with two dowel holes in the base plate to improve positioning repeatability during assembly and maintenance. The LXC system, in addition to the four mounting holes, also has two dowel holes in the carriage under the cover to facilitate easy alignment during assembly and maintenance. A detailed 32-page brochure is available, which contains information such as configuration and design options.
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