Milliken has introduced its high-performance reinforcing agent, Hyperform HPR-803 and Hyperform HPN nucleating additives for polyolefi ns. The Hyperform HPR-803 agent is suitable for use in the automotive sector as it can reduce the weight of polypropylene car parts. Hyperform HPN nucleating additives for polyolefi ns add further dimensional control, co-effi cient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) optimization and mechanical property improvements. Hyperform HPR-803 is said to offer weight reductions of up to 15% over traditional mineral-fi lled systems, while delivering a balance of stiffness and impact strength. The new Milliken agent offers a comparable surface fi nish to talc-fi lled compounds, something which Milliken claims cannot be achieved with chopped glass fi bre reinforcement. By using HPR-803, part producers can expand applications beyond ‘hidden’ structures to provide such visible components as bumpers and door panels.