A new high-performance laser sensor has been launched that is specifi cally designed for optical distance measurement with direct refl ecting materials, including highly polished metal, mirrored objects, glass and chrome-plated products. The optoNCDT 1700DR, developed by precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon, is the latest addition to the company’s existing optoNCDT1700 range of optical displacement sensors. The new sensor has a resolution of 0.1μm at a measuring rate of 2.5kHz (without using an averaging fi lter). The optoNCDT 1700DR comes in three measuring ranges: 2mm, 10mm and 20mm, the latter providing a much higher range than current competing laser sensors on the market, which tend to offer a range of just a few millimetres. This means industrial automation and OEM production companies can more accurately measure and monitor a variety of object parameters, including thickness, roundness, position, defl ection, tilt, displacement and vibration. The sensor can also be used for on- and offline quality inspection tasks, dynamic part profi ling and part recognition. - www.micro-epsilon.co.uk