Managing a motor system can be complex and costly. Users can overcome the diffi culties and compatibility issues of upgrading their electronic systems with the Telemecanique TeSys T. This advanced motor management and protection system offers primary motor protection requirements and is adaptable to all installed base motor management needs. The system consists of an effi cient multi-function protection device, separate from the automation system, and an operator control unit for reading and modifi cation of monitored parameters. User-friendly confi guration software helps users easily implement motor starters equipped with a TeSys T motor management system. An expansion module with voltage measurement and additional logic inputs completes the controller functions. The additional information offered by the TeSys T motor management systems allows users to improve analysis of current faults and anticipate future system performance. Adapting the monitoring protection and control systems helps avoid nuisance trips, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance and repair costs. The combination of the controller’s basic protection functions and the expansion module’s advanced protection guarantees maximum analysis accuracy.