Tornos DT26The Tornos product development team have re-engineered the kinematics of the company’s popular Swiss DT 13 turning centre resulting in the launch of the new Swiss DT 26. The company says the new 5-axis turning centre features two C-axes and has a larger working envelope to enhance operator visibility and access.

Built on an expanded platform that is claimed to enhance rigidity and vibration damping, it also offers customers the ability to conduct heavier cuts at higher feeds and speeds. To accommodate the heavy duty machining parameters of the new Swiss DT 26, the turning centre has a 10.5kW motor on both front and rear spindles.

It incorporates a modular tooling configuration for both main and counter operations, with 22 tool positions and up to 8 rotating tools.

The company says this new machine can be integrated into an existing bank of machine tools using the TISIS software package. It also includes an Industry 4.0 module to measure the efficiency of the production process with the integration of cameras.