With applications ranging from crash test dummies, suspension systems, engine vibration and pedal position, Micro-Epsilon’s wireSENSOR range of digital and analogue draw-wire displacement sensors offer vehicle OEMs and machine builders a low cost, but robust and reliable sensing solution that can be easily integrated into existing machines, components or control and automation systems.

In elevating platforms for car production, the sensor must operate accurately, reliably and the resolution must be extremely high over the complete measuring range. Micro-Epsilon’s P60/ P96 draw-wire sensors have a measuring range from 1m up to 3m. The measuring wire of the P60 has a diameter of 0.45mm and is made from stainless steel, sheathed in polyamide. With the P96, the wire has no polyamide sheath and is 0.8mm in diameter.

These compact sensors can be accommodated very easily inside elevating platforms. Installation of the sensors is straightforward, as mounting grooves are provided on all sides.