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    Передвижения в верхах


    Передвижения в верхахХит Хольц в июле освобождает пост директора по логистике Nissan Северная Америка и переходит на новую руководящую должность в отделе управления глобальной цепочкой поставок компании в Японии. Его начальником будет Ясуюки Андох, генеральный директор глобального управления цепочкой поставок.Хольц будет работать в той же организации, что и Тревор ...

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    Your flexible friends in machining


    Age of the robotHigh fiveMachine tool investment for producing automotive components is seeing new vigour, as demonstrated by a stream of investment announcements over the past six months by major auto OEMS. Chrysler Group, for example, has pledged to invest $72m in its Toledo machining plant at Perrysburg, Ohio to ...

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    Commercial sense


    The world’s largest LCV markets and a variety of manufacturing facilities in multiple countries show that plans for plug-in van programmes are highly advanced in many marketsNorth AmericaChinaEuropeGeneral Motors & RenaultFiat and PSA Peugoet CitroenVolkswagenRussiaConclusionWhen the best-selling models in each of the world’s two largest markets are classified as light ...

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    Aluminium futures


    Adhesive bonding for high-volume productionInnovation in traditional applicationsFormability issuesStabilized aluminium foam and impact absorptionEnd-of-life considerationsEvaluating future potentialNew joining techniques and recent advances in forming technology for aluminium, and how new aluminium products can match steel in crash safety performanceIn this energy-conscious age, automotive manufacturers want materials that can project them ...

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    Playing the part in survival


    Production outlineProcess overviewKeeping the shineFinal touchesSapa Components was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2009 but has been turned around by winning the contract to deliver aluminium trim strips that feature on the new Peugeot RCZ coupeFormed in 1964, Pressweld became part of the Sapa Group in 2002. Now known ...

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    Lotus has made two changes to its senior management


    Hethel, UK – Lotus has made two changes to its senior management. Dr. Robert Hentschel has been appointed Director of Lotus Engineering. Hentschel will lead expansion of Lotus Engineering’s thirdparty consultancy work.Paul Newsome, previously Managing Director of Lotus Engineering, will now take over as Director of Product Engineering for Lotus ...

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    Rapide production


    Oven readyFine tuning the productPaint and final assemblyFirst four-door since LagondaWith Aston Martin’s Gaydon, UK facility nearing capacity, the carmaker has elected to work with Austria’s Magna Steyr for production of its Rapide fourdoor sports car. "A year ago, this building was an empty shell. From January until now, we ...

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    Beauty on a budget at Farbio


    Engineering for productionCunning carbon fibre solutionsSupply strategiesPaintshop and final assemblyTesting times aheadThere have been many attempts to bring exclusive, low-volume supercars to market, but the truth is that few of these projects have ever seen paying customers taking delivery of finished vehicles. Building a single, functioning prototype before funds run ...

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    Traditional modernists


    In 2009, the Morgan Motor Company, based in Malvern, UK, is celebrating its centenary year. With a series of events scheduled to mark the occasion, there is perhaps none more important than the April opening of the company’s new visitor centre. During the summer, the facility is expected to ...

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    Keeping it together


    The benefits of replacing traditional body welds with adhesives, fixings and fastenersCounting the costSticking pointsChoices, choices, choicesMaterial worldNot so long ago, the idea of using adhesive for body-in-white assembly operations would have been deemed unrealistic. However, slowly but surely, the numerous advantages of adhesives have ensured this innovative joining technique ...

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    Quality at any cost?


    Measuring suitable for varied model mixesNotifying staff when tolerances are outComparing absolute data with CAD dataHigher accuracy levelsVerifying sub-assembly buildsThe latest measurement innovations for assembly line environments and an assessment of whether ‘quality at any cost’ still holds trueNot so long ago, the remit for production engineers was to remove ...

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    In the Lotus position


    Federalising the carGlobal outsourcingSafety in handPreparing for productionFuel for thoughtThermal efficiencyBenefits of methanolHydrocarbon reactionMethanol futureWhile production at Lotus remains a traditional, hands-on affair, the company’s engineering division is looking at the potential of methanol as a renewable fuelPlay the association game with automotive terms and ‘handbuilt’ invariably ends up paired ...

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    Skills training


    Raising the barUp-skilling the staffIn a world preoccupied with the principles of lean manufacturing, a new generation of the workforce has emerged that needs to be given the tools – through skills training – to meet an increasingly important roleAlmost a quarter of a million people are employed by the ...

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    Detroit Electric appoints Albert Lam for CEO


    Santa Rosa, CA – Former CEO of Lotus Engineering Albert Lam is to be the CEO of Detroit Electric. A collaboration between ZAP and China Youngman Automotive Group, the company is re-launching the century-old electric car brand in the US of the same name.“I’m excited to be given this opportunity ...

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    Putting the VVA-voom into Lotus cars


    Lotus is renowned for its innovative chassis technology, and its flexible vehicle architecture uses leading developments in casting to enter new segments Light weight, but super fastVVA is a fast-to-market technologyA wide range of solutions for manufacturersSize of castings proved to be a challengeCastings match components wellAt the 75th Geneva ...