Litre Meter, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of custom fl ow meters, has shipped its 30,000th fl ow meter to tyre maker Michelin in North America. The LMH Pelton wheel fl ow meter was shipped to Michelin for use in its rubber mixing operation in South Carolina. Rubber is mixed to the exact ratio required to make tyres for the automotive industry. The meter forms part of a spray system that is used to jet hot water onto the rubber mixture to maintain a constant temperature as it passes through the production line, precisely measuring the amount of water passing through the spray system in order to ensure consistency. Fred Tienken, mechanical design engineer at Michelin North America, said: “We use Litre Meter fl ow meters throughout the rubber mixing process. It is essential that the water fl ow rates in our spraying system are kept constant and the Pelton wheel fl ow meter enables us to achieve this.” Litre Meter’s patented Pelton wheel design was chosen because it has a proven track record of reliability spanning more than 30 years. The meter can accurately measure low fl ows which in Michelin’s case means a fl ow range of between 0.03 and 4.3 litres/minute. It is designed to operate at a pressure of 5 bar and temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius. -