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  • Agave, Ford

    Ford looks to agave plants for bioplastics


    US – In a collaboration with the Jose Cuervo Tequila brand, Ford is testing the durability and heat resistance of agave fibre by-product for use in vehicle interior and exterior components including wiring harnesses, storage bins and heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. According to the OEM, initial assessments suggest ...

  • BMW 1 Series, BMW Plant Regensburg

    Keeping finishes up to scratch


    As vehicle-makers add more innovative materials in body construction and change their production processes to meet new environmental regulations, paint suppliers are striving to match their requirementsThe majority of consumers take them for granted, but exterior coatings have to cover a lot of ground. Ray Schappert, global director of product ...


    Lightweight polymer A/C conveyance system


    Eaton has developed new Polymer Air Conditioning Conveyance System (PACCS) lines, which it claims are a lighter-weight alternative to traditional aluminium tubing or rubber lines.The company says the PACCS lines are up to 50% lighter than traditional air conditioning lines, provide improved gas tightness, and are 90% recyclable at end ...

  • Klemens Bartmann

    Interview: Klemens Bartmann, Axalta


    As the coatings company turns 150 years old, its global technology director reflects on the sector’s trends, challenges and opportunities – including new materials, environmental concerns and multi-functionality Klemens Bartmann, Axalta Coating SystemsJoanne Perry (JP): Can you briefly outline the differences in requirements between coatings for light vehicles and those ...

  • Article

    Cast learners


    Academic research into casting is helping OEMs and suppliers bridge a knowledge gap Almost every piece of metal used in the manufacture of an automobile will have gone through a casting process at some point previously – whether to shape through a technique such as sand-casting or simply as a ...

  • AMCC kit

    Cast learners


    Academic research into casting is helping vehicle-makers and their suppliers to bridge a knowledge gap Almost every piece of metal used in the manufacture of a vehicle will have gone through a casting process at some point previously, whether shaping via a technique such as sand-casting or simply as a ...

  • Magna Telford

    Magna’s new aluminium casting facility


    UK – The company says it will establish a “world-class” operation in Telford to support Jaguar Land Rover, starting construction this autumn. The facility is expected to cover around 225,000 sq.ft, employ 295 people at full capacity and begin production in 2018.“We are excited to work closely with Jaguar Land ...

  • Article

    Bearing in mind PTFE


    There may be a tendency to pay little regard to the humble PTFE bearing but when it comes to assembly and performance this small component can make a big difference The hinges on doors, bonnets and other car-body closures seem at first to be among the most straightforward elements of ...

  • St Gobainpic 1 NORGLIDE® Bearings 2

    Bearing in mind PTFE


    Little attention is paid to the humble PTFE bearing, but this small part can affect assembly and performanceThe hinges on doors, bonnets and other car-body closures seem at first to be among the most straightforward elements of the componentry on any vehicle. But, as is often the case, the appearance ...

  • Article

    Bearing in mind PTFE


    The hinges that allow doors, bonnets and other closures on a car to open and close seem at first sight to be among the most straightforward elements of the componentry on any vehicle. But, as is often the case, the appearance of simplicity can disguise a surprising amount of technical ...

  • Versalis

    Interiors: An inside look


    Despite many mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, the automotive interiors market remains fragmented Seats and dashboards/cockpits are the two largest segments of the interiors market, both in terms of component size and value. Historically, these components have been supplied by a mixture of in-house and independent suppliers, while in recent ...

  • tedrive lightweight steering system

    Lightweight steering system


    A plastic housing for mechanical steering systems has been developed by tedrive. The company says the housing design was developed specifically to meet the requirements of lightweight automotive concepts, achieving a weight saving of up to 40% compared with housings made from aluminium.The company claims this plastic housing is suitable ...

  • Audi develops a new generation of tools

    Audi develops lightweight tooling


    Germany – The company’s tooling specialists have developed a new generation of tools that they say are up to 20% lighter and 10% more stable than the previous generation. Now being used in the press shop at Ingolstadt, the new tools feature a composite construction consisting of cast iron, aluminium ...

  • Article

    Lightweight constant velocity joint


    GKN Driveline says it has developed a new family of lightweight constant velocity joint (CV joint) systems that it claims enable rear-wheel drive platforms to save more than 4kg of weight.The new VL3 CV joint is claimed to increase torque capacity by up to 27% with no increase in packaging ...

  • LX

    UK joins global composites competition


    If the number of exhibitors and visitors involved in the production of vehicles at this month’s Advanced Engineering 2015 (AE2015) show in Birmingham was anything to go by, the UK’s automotive industry is in rude health.This impression is supported by the statistics. According to the Society for Motor Manufacturers and ...

  • iStream Carbon, Gordon Murray

    Gordon Murray debuts iStream Carbon


    Japan – The carbon-fibre chassis, billed as the first such affordable structure for mass production, is being shown at the Tokyo Motor Show as part of the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept. UK-based Gordon Murray says the chassis brings Formula One materials and technology “within reach of the everyday motorist”.The innovative ...

  • Higueras-2530-031.jpg

    Showing real steel


    ArcelorMittal has invested heavily to produce AHSS for the automotive industry. Chris Wright visits the company’s Sagunto plant, Spain, which is ramping up to produce 150,000 tons of Usibor per year from 2016ArcelorMittal has collaborated with OEMs to develop steel solutions that meet critical requirements in terms of weight reduction ...

  • GALM

    Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing


    UK – The inaugural joining, forming and assembly summit will take place in Birmingham on November 18-19 2015, as part of the GALM series of events. Taking place over three continents, the previous ten shows have attracted the support of 150 exhibitors and 1,500 delegates, according to the organisers.The event ...

  • Murano_small_overlap.jpg

    Steel: Stronger and lighter


    Wider application of UHSS and AHSS is making vehicle structures much lighter, and the next generation of steel grades promise even greater weight reduction – perhaps challenging the rise of aluminiumAs far as lightweight materials are concerned, ultra-high and advanced high-strength steels (UHSS and AHSS) are quite good value for ...

  • Typical applications C-segment

    Steel solutions


    Producers of steel are developing innovative solutions to meet the vehicle lightweighting challengeOEMs have to strike a balance when selecting the right materials for their vehicles. These materials need to be strong enough to protect passengers in the event of a collision, yet light enough to reduce CO2 emissions and ...