SICK recently launched its C4000 Select safety light curtain, a unique product that allows customers to use DIP switches for confi guration - instead of a PC. It also offers an integrated laser alignment tool, condensed, intuitive diagnostics, and the ability to cascade three C4000 Select pairs or a S300/S3000 Safety Laser Scanner. The C4000 Select offers a solution for point-ofoperation safeguarding applications, although they can be used in perimeter and area guarding applications. It is ideal for the automotive industry, robotics, machine tool, presses, materials handling and general manufacturing applications.

Benefits include reduced installation cost and start-up time with quick DIP switch configuration, fast alignment, increased mounting flexibility, and condensed, easyto- understand local diagnostics. Other advantages are maximum availability from solid alignment with the integrated laser and bar graph alignment system, and reduced light curtain inventory through selectable features, including safety fi eld width, two beam codes, 1 or 2 beam fl oating blanking and extended I/O. An optional 360° integrated LED status indicator provides highly visible output status from a distance. This Type 4, PL e, SIL 3 safety light curtain is available in 30-mm resolution in protective heights from 300 mm up to 1800 mm in 300-mm increments.