HBM’s MX1609 module simplifi es taking temperature measurements to reduce test procedure times, returning cost savings of over 30 per cent. Temperature is the most common parameter measured, so the MX1609 is fi tted with 16 electrically-isolated thermocouple inputs with automatic transducer identifi cation. The compact module is designed as part of the QuantumX family with complete transducer data digitally stored in the connector for instant viewing using appropriate software. The MX1609 module provides synchronous, parallel measurement with integrated cold junction compensation and supports the widelyused type-K thermocouples (NiCr-Ni). Several QuantumX modules can be easily connected together in a measurement system using FireWire. Alternatively the integrated ethernet interface provides convenient connection to a PC – even over long distances – when used as a stand-alone module. HBM provides powerful software for measurement and analysis that includes QuantumX-Assistant, LabView driver, .NET/COM programming libraries, and catman AP data acquisition software. QuantumX also features extensive module and sensor diagnostics functions to complement transducer identification ensuring additional measurement and analysis benefits.-