The ROFIN Laser Macro Group is setting new benchmarks in the area of remote welding with the RWSflex. With a new control unit from ABB and more flexible programming, the high-speed welding system opens up new possibilities for creating laser-stepwelding of any geometry. Due to the extended operating distance, RWSfl ex offers a larger working area of 1,450mm x 3,200mm x 700mm. This is based on a focal length of 1,600mm. System dynamics have been optimised to further decrease unproductive welding downtime.

Further highlights of the RWSfl ex are its offl ine programming capability, which ensures more flexible work preparation, as well as the programmable position of the exit window of the laser beam. The cover of the traversing path protects the beam control unit against the laser beam refl ections and welding spatter. RWSfl ex is operated with CO2 Slab lasers from ROFIN’s patented DC Series. These lasers are the ideal tools for this demanding application, with an excellent beam quality of K ≥ 0.9. All lasers of the DC product family have an ideal fundamental mode structure and thus contribute to ensuring the best conditions for high-speed welding with high focal lengths. Optionally, solid-state lasers with high beam qualities could be used.