KUKA Roboter is has released the KR 5 arc, a versatile and highly-dynamic lightweight robot, and its close relative the KR 5 arc HW (Hollow Wrist). The latter is the specialist for arc welding. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the KR 5 arc takes up very little space and can be integrated into virtually any cell concept. Whether mounted on the fl oor or inverted on the ceiling, the KR 5 arc performs quickly and effi ciently with high continuouspath accuracy, and boasts a working envelope of over 1,400mm. Its modular design makes it a cost-effective solution. With a payload of 5kg and a supplementary load of 12 kilogrammes, the KR 5 arc is extremely fl exible. The KR 5 arc HW (Hollow Wrist) has a fl uid supply system integrated in the arm. The protected routing of the dress package allows infi nite rotation of axis six without the need to reorientate the robot wrist during the work cycle. For the user, this means not only improved component accessibility and optimal protection of the dress package, but also simplifi ed offl ine programming. The torch connection hose pack of the KR 5 arc HW can be separated from the wire feeder and the rotary interface. Due to the use of standard plug-in connections, it can be fi tted with all available welding equipment types.