Kistler has introduced a range of sensors designed for use in the production of injection-moulded plastics. The new sensors, includng the Type 6188A, which has a front diameter of just 1mm, measure cavity pressure and contact temperature at the same point in the mould. In addition to this sensor, Kistler has also introduced additional combined units, the Type 6189A (front diameter of 2.5mm) and Type 6190CA (4mm). The wires of the type K thermocouple are threaded through the pressure-measuring elements directly to the front of the sensor where they take direct-contact measurement of the melt temperature. These sensors are described as offering new levels of monitoring and quality assurance for injection moulders. The documentation of mould cavity pressure and contact temperature provides end users of injection moulded plastic products with reliable reports on the stability of the manufacturing process and the quality of the moulded products.