Kerk Motion Products, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of non-ball lead screws, offers superior performance lead screw, linear rail, spline shaft and ScrewRail® actuator assemblies with its Kerkote® TFE coating. Kerkote reduces friction and extends the life of Kerk’s costeffective, maintenance-free assemblies, which are ideal for motion control applications in a variety of industries.

Kerk’s Kerkote TFE coating is more evenly distributed than other lubricants, decreasing erratic drag torques and unpredictable wear. Designed exclusively for Kerk’s components and assemblies, Kerkote provides the maximum level of self-lubrication, requiring no additional external lubrication or maintenance. Since it is a dry lubricant, Kerkote will not become dry and paste-like, and does not attract dirt or debris. Kerkote differs from conventional plating and coating because it is soft, making it perfect for extending the life of Kerk’s polymer nuts and bushings.