Kerk Motion Products, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of non-ball lead screws, offers its VHD series, ideal for eliminating drag and wear associated with high pre-load forces. The Kerk VHD Series anti-backlash assembly provides the maximum loadcarrying capability and the highest axial and radial stiffness of any Kerk nut assembly.

Designed for smooth, quiet operation and long life, the VHD assembly provides low-drag torque by making use of the patented Kerk Axial Take-Up Mechanism that expands to accommodate the wear which occurs during use.

Accuracy, reliability and load rating make the Kerk VHD Series a popular replacement for ball screws. Available leads from 1.27mm/.050” to 92mm/3.6” and lengths up to 4m/160” cover a range unmatched by ball screws. VHD Series Screws are 303 stainless steel, with Kerk’s custom Kerkote® TFE extended life coating optional. Assemblies are available cut-to-length or with screws machined to your requirements.