Kemppi (UK) Ltd has launched ArcTimer, a small, easy-to-use device that is attached to the welding cable or the earth cable from an MMA, MIG or TIG welding machine to measure the actual welding time of the machine. Welding is labour intensive and the ability to determine the welding time, when calculating the production costs of an item or the welding costs as a percentage of the total production cost, is usually calculated using the amount of fi ller wire used and a estimate of the time taken to complete a particular weld. This new device provides the estimator with an accurate reading of the amount of arc burning time a welder has taken to weld a fabrication or number of fabrications. The time is displayed in hours to an accuracy of two decimal places. This time will increase until the device is re-set. ArcTimer is equipped with a fi ve-year battery and uses the current running through a cable to measure the arc time. It is able to measure current over a 20-500A range and can be used on 50-95mm2 cables.