Smooth transport of parts between processes can be decisive in determining fi nal part quality in production of stamped parts. To assist in this, Kabelschlepp has introduced a new parts conveyor for use with stamping machines, while also adding a modular version of its hinged belt conveyor. The new conveyor system offers a scratch-free belt to protect parts in transit and upon delivery. Flat and shaped parts with heights of 0.5 to 25mm can be accommodated using this solution. Brush rollers in the discharge area ensure that part transfer is almost horizontal, further preventing surface damage. The hinged belt conveyors are now also available in a modular design. The system, which uses a system similar to the Wave- Belt conveyor, can now offer a faster, more flfl exible solution than a conventional design. Modules can be quickly assembled and adapted, using length sections of 400mm (other length sections are available on request). In addition, fi xed discharge heights cover the most common container sizes.