Johnson Controls, a leading supplier of automotive interiors and electronics, has introduced a two-colour slush skins option for interior surfaces. This extended in-house competence allows carmakers to ensure the harmonization of colour, grain and shine of interior components, whether they are slush or thermoformed skins.

“Slush skins meet the highest quality demands for colour characteristics and shine in the automotive industry,” explained Han Hendriks, Vice-President Global Product Development Interiors. “We are now able to produce two-colour slush skins in a single production step. Up to now, this was only possible in a single colour, which restricted the way the process could be used.”

To deliver two-colour slush skins, Johnson Controls employs masking technology, which partially covers the tool. A robot initially sprays a powder layer that is approximately 0.6mm thick on the uncovered areas of the mould. The mask is then removed and the standard process is completed. This enables two-colour slush skins to be produced without an additional production step.