Automotive part supplier Johnson Controls has introduced a new design for second-row seats in pickup trucks. Called ‘Slim Stow’. the seats are said to take up 33% less space, while being more comfortable than traditional rear seat solutions. The seats are also lighter than previous products.

“Our Slim Stow Seat enables us to set new standards in foldable rear seats in pickups,” said Dr. Andreas Eppinger, Vice-President Technology Management at Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. “It surpasses previous seating concepts in terms of comfort, cargo space and appearance. It also improves visibility when stowed since the seat back is lowered by 100mm.”

The seat panel consists of two components. The upper part, a tubular frame design, features child seat attachment points and defined side-bolsters. Through this unique design, the Slim Stow Seat also provides the same lateral support and contour that is usually found in front-row pickup truck seating. The lower part of the seat features a stable arm, which carries the seat pad, itself using 50% more foam over standard seats.