JK Lasers has added two new units to its range of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, the JK80PS and JK150PS. These models are designed for use in a range of application fi elds, including production of automotive components. The JK80PS and JK150PS combine higher peak powers with improved beam quality for increased fl exibility and maximised process control for faster, more precise welding and fi ne cutting applications. The JK80PS offers peak power up to 3kW, delivered via a 100μm fi bre, while the JK150PS offers power up to 5kW delivered via a 150μm fi bre. All fi bres are equipped with JK Luminator Plug-In Pre-Aligned (PIPA) technology with integral back refl ection protection and the Fiber Continuity Monitoring System (FCMS) built in for added safety. All lasers have high levels of pulse-to-pulse stability down to ±0.5%, and include elements such as Pulse On Demand (POD) and the JK LaserView software suite.