The BlueWave 75 from Intertronics is a new high-power UV spot curing lamp, which combines low operating cost with high-intensity output, in order to accommodate a wide variety of bonding applications and UV-cure adhesives. The lamp transmits less energy onto the substrates, resulting in cooler UV curing, a feature especially beneficial in applications that are sensitive to heat. The DYMAX BlueWave 75 includes a unique feature which provides precise user adjustment of light intensity to assist in process validation and control.

The BlueWave 75 spot lamp emits UVA and blue visible light (300-450 nm) and is designed for curing of UV and visible light-curable adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. It contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC, making it ideal for both manual and automated or robotic processes. An auto-ranging power supply provides consistent performance at any input voltage (90-264V, 47-63 Hz). Intertronics also offers a wide range of long-lasting liquid and fibre lightguides in single and multi-legged variants and in various length configurations.

The spot curing lamp is simple to operate, has a typical bulb life of over 2,000 hours and it features fast bulb replacement.