International Rectifier has introduced the AUIR2085S automotive-qualified control IC for low-, mid- and high-voltage automotive drive applications, including DC-DC converters, HEV auxiliary converters and battery management converters.

A self-oscillating half-bridge 100V driver IC with 50% duty cycle, the AUIR2085S features an integrated soft-start capacitor that gradually increases duty cycle from zero to 50% for 5msec. This limits in-rush current during start up and maintains equal pulse widths for the high- and low-side MOSFETs throughout the start-up sequence.

The AUIR2085S, which is offered in an eight-pin SOIC package and qualifi ed to AEC-Q100 standards, provides programmable switching frequency up to 500kHz for design flexibility. Higher switching frequency decreases output voltage ripple and allows use of smaller, lower-loss magnetic components. Switching frequency and dead time can be controlled independently with two external components to customize circuits for a particular application. The device also features a floating channel designed for bootstrap operation up to +100V DC and VCC supply, under-voltage lockout and adjustable overcurrent protection.