Preparing for the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis: European vehicle forecast and manufacturing changes

ECG Business intelligence_preparing for the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis

Download this report for monthly forecast of European vehicle registration and production, and an analysis of the manufacturing, supply chain and logistics changes required as OEMs begin restarting assembly plants. This report is the latest from ECG Business Intelligence, a collaboration between the Association of European Vehicle Logistics and Automotive ...

After nearly a month of shutdowns, vehicle manufacturers are resuming output at a number of assembly plants in Europe. However, OEMs, suppliers and service providers will face volatile conditions, including risks in the supply and logistics chain, constraints from new health and safety requirements, as well as uncertainty over the ongoing length of lockdown restrictions.

This report provides a forecast of 2020 European vehicle registrations and production according to three scenarios, and broken down by month. 

It also includes key insight and analysis on how manufacturers and suppliers need to adapt production, supply chain and logistics – including finished vehicle distribution – to resume operations in the next phase of the crisis.

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