The annual SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair in Germany showcases the latest developments in the world of automation, and besides displaying the latest products, offers visitors informative sessions on the new technologies

SPS/IPC/DRIVES is the leading exhibition for electric automation technology in Europe, taking place in Nuremberg from 27-29 November, 2007. The show focuses on all automation components down to the system level, and exhibitors and visitors benefit from being able to see the whole automation market in one location.

ABB Automation
Hall 4, Stand 420

ABB will be showing many new products including an aircooled version of its ACS 5000 medium-voltage frequency converter – the ACS 5000 product series was previously only available as a water-cooled unit.

Through a partial overlapping of the service areas of airand water-cooled ACS 5000 frequency inverters, ABB’s new products offer customers maximum cooling choice. The new frequency inverter has an optional built-in or separate input transformer, an integrated monitoring tool and a real-time remote monitoring facility. The success of both frequency inverter types is based on the use of proven technologies such as the engine regulation Direct Torque Control (DTC) from ABB.

ABB has developed a new core in the old shell of the metal flowmeter FAM540. Externally the same but it contains new electronics and a new much improved display, which also supports pressure and temperature transmitters, as well as the flowmeter.

ABB has also added a number of new options to the successful CoriolisMaster product range: improved signal processing and data acquisition, specific application software, a wide range of communication and local and global approvals. Further expansion of proven DSP technology means the CoriolisMaster has a much higher dynamic range (up to 1:2,000) and better zero stability. ABB has also introduced the Panel 800 Process Panel, which includes five new user stations in a variety of designs, three models with touch-screen and two models with function keys. It has a new hardware platform, which has a very small installation depth. The device has a solid aluminium frame and installation is quick and easy, as no drilling or screws are required. The Panel 800 product family can be configured using the Panel Process Builder configuration tool.

Hall 4a, Stand 202

Cognex’s new hand-held reading devices DataMan 7500 and 7550 offer unique features for reading the most difficult DPM-Codes and simple bar codes. Both readers combine the highest available DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in a hand-held reading device with high-resolution image capture (1,280 x 1,024 pixels), an extremely rugged design, a simple interface for setup and a compact ergonomic design.

The Model 7500 supports USB, Keyboard-Wedge and RS232 communication, while the 7550 supports Bluetooth wireless communications. Both use the groundbreaking reading software IDMax and the new, patent-pending Ultra Light lighting technology.

The complete self-contained ID system technology of camera, lighting, processor and communications facility is housed in the minimal dimensions of only 42mm x 22.1mm x 55 mm (smaller than a flip-open telephone).

Powerful electronics offers exceptional reading speed (60 frames/sec), and extremely efficient 1D/2D codes algorithms ensure the highest reading accuracy. The minimum size and the protection class to IP65 allow easy integration, even in cramped spaces.

With the new software, users can complete vision tasks with DVT imaging sensors much more efficiently. The software increases the efficiency of sorting objects because a single tool for the identification and counting of multiple shapes or colours is used. The software includes a faster update of the picture, a new OCV-Tool, customised drivers for robotic applications, and a pre-configured tool for positioning labels and their testing.

The new vision sensors DVT 515 and DVT 535 from Cognex offer a competitive entry-level range of industrial image processing. The user has simple vision tools for checking, measuring, counting, searching, comparing features and combining patterns. Investigations can be automated and quality in many industrial applications can be safeguarded, including simple parts investigation or detection of defects and applications with high resolution and colour. The new software equipped DVT vision sensors have a very simple user interface that makes customer set up and maintenance much easier.

Datalogic Automation
Hall 4, Stand 348

Datalogic Automation, the largest European manufacturer of CCD and laser-based barcode readers, will be displaying its automatic identification solutions for industrial automation at SPS/IPC/Drives 2007.

Two new products will be featured: DS4800, an industrial laser scanner, which combines flexibility and compactness, satisfying all the application needs of production plants and the CBX Series, an industrial connection box used for speeding up installation, configuration and maintenance tasks of the company’s barcode readers.

Other products will be shown, including the new Matrix 400, an industrial 2D reader combining image capturing, decoding and communication in a single and versatile product; the new 2000 family of industrial scanners, DS2100N and DS2400N, which provide great productivity and profitability in the most common shop floor, OEM and warehousing applications and the DS1500, a highperformance miniature scanner.

Hall 6 Stand 324, Hall 7, Stand180

Euchner’s display includes the new CES-AR-C non-contact switching series that makes it possible to monitor several safety guards at once. Up to 20 devices can be included in one switch chain.

The new ZSM enabling switch will also be displayed, as will two new safety switches, the STP Twin and SGP Twin, which makes it possible to protect two doors simultaneously.

With the new GMO from Euchner, the Profibus gateway and AS-Interface monitor are combined in one device. The integrated second-generation monitor offers a host of functions.

With the Electronic Key System EKS FSA (For Safety Applications), Euchner has opened up a completely new market for access management combined with stateof- the art safety technology.

Hall 7a Stand 610, Hall 9 Stand 341

Electric drives and diagnostic concepts will be on display from Festo. Because the company uses new drive solutions, complete engine-controller packages and modern systems for condition monitoring are available.

Festo provides a total package for condition monitoring, which covers sensor technology, camera systems, valve islands, visualisation, front-end controller and services.

The modular valve island concept CPX/MPA and CPX/ VTSA, offers a combination of the remote IO terminal CPX and the single solenoid valve island MPA or VTSA, which indicates immediately the source of the error, location and the extent of the error. Error recognition and localisation are transmitted over field bus as module or channel-orientated diagnosis and the valve diagnosis per channel is announced with plain language locally. Fast Ethernet IT solutions provide remote maintenance, e-mail or mobile phone SMS alarm and diagnostic trace with error memory.

With customised condition monitoring projects, Festo also offers support services, including planning and optimum design of the individual condition monitoring solution, preparing analyses of quality and consumption of air, installation recommendations and start-up.

Leuze Lumiflex
Hall 6, Stand 210, Hall 6, Stand 324, Hall 7A, Stand 312

Leuze Lumiflex’s sensors feature reliable detection of objects which are dark, glossy and which have coloured structures.

The company will demonstrate its 46B sensors, which offer large operating ranges and very broad scanning range adjustment, very small black/white error and maximum availability through warning output.

Another product which can be examined up close is the ODS 96B for the fastest distance measurement of its power class. It is up to five times faster than comparable competitor products yet highly accurate at distances up to two metres, even with varying environmental conditions.

Hall 9 Stand 331, Hall 4A, Stand 520, Hall 6, Stands 110, 124,
210, 324, Hall 7A, Stand 610

The complete portfolio of hardware and software components for the setting up of Ethernet networks as well as an extensive range of accessories will be on show. These include switches, controls, I/O, power of over Ethernet and wireless components, over-voltage protection, patch cables, cable and plug connectors as well as medium converters and appropriate software.

The same simple management and control that applies to cable-bound devices from Phoenix Contact also applies to its components for wireless communication. Whether discrete signals or large data sets, communication over short distances or long distances, production halls or free fields, all the components will be on display all using the usual radio technologies.

Visitors will be able to see passive sensor/actuator wiring up to the field bus component in M5, M8 and M12. Attachment times can be reduced up to 90% with the high-speed connection technology Speedcon. The use of field bus components of the Fieldline product family minimises the switchgear cabinets and ensures a reliable transmission of the I/O signals.

Hall 6, Stand 113

Renishaw’s exhibit features calibration and machine performance monitoring. Its laser interferometer and ballbar measurement systems assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic performance of machine tools, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other position-critical motion systems.

High precision position feedback solutions, including high speed optical linear encoders, precision angle encoders, robust rotary magnetic encoders and a range of laser interferometers will be highlighted. As well as offering superior performance, Renishaw’s non-contact encoder systems have an established reputation for being easy to setup and install.

Rockwell Automation
Hall 7, Stand 350, Hall 7A, Stand 546, Hall 6, Stand 110

Rockwell Automation will offer quality Allen-Bradley industrial components that have been available and used by customers for more than 100 years. Offerings include power, connectivity, logic, sensing and switching, operator Interface and safety products. New Rockwell Automation components include:

  • Connectivity – connection systems
  • Logic – Bulletin 700-HK relays
  • Operator interface – Bulletin 800FD Monolithic push button devices
  • Power – ArmorStart 4X
  • Safety – Minotaur MSR300 Monitoring Safety Relay
  • Sensing and Switching – Bulletin 48MS MultiSight Sensor

Schneider Electric
Hall 6, Stand 124, 324, Hall 4, Stand 200, 310

Under the slogan ‘Motion, drives and more’, solutions from Schneider Electric will highlight the issues in automation, control and motion technology including architectures for automation, operation and visualisation, which will include new operator panels and SCADA video devices. The stand will also feature commissioned equipment from the company Gollmann Kommisssioniersysteme.

Siemens, Automation and Drives
Hall 9, Stand 310 also Hall 6, Stand 210, Hall 7A Stands 546/610

The theme for the Siemens, Automation and Drives exhibit is ‘Totally integrated automation.’ The company’s stand will host a wide range of products to address issues concerning controller conveyor technology; decentralised automation drives; engineering embedded automation; human machine interface, industrial communication; manufacturing execution systems; motion control and safety integrated security sensor systems, among others.