Manufacturers can improve their paint production process with the introduction of the ABB IRB 52 painting robot, designed for spraying small- and medium-sized parts in a wide range of industries. The lightweight robot can help users achieve a 20 per cent reduction in energy consumption, while its compact size occupies up to 20 per cent less factory space.

Despite its compact design, the robot is capable of reaching up to 1.4 metres, with the ability to handle process equipment up to seven kilograms, meeting handling capacity requirements for most paint applications. The robot’s dimensions are ideal for smaller spraybooth sizes, reducing both the size and energy consumption of the booth ventilating plant.

Using ABB’s Integrated Process System, the IRB 52 enables manufacturers to reduce paint consumption by up to 60 per cent compared with fi xed gun applications, helping to cut the overall cost of manufacturing. The system includes colour change valves, air and paint regulation and guarantees high quality, accurate painting while ensuring high-quality fi nishing and improved paint savings. Weighing only 250kg, the IRB 52 can be easily inverted or wallmounted to suit the needs of the user. The ability to mount the robot in multiple positions allows users to optimise their available installation space.

The new model can also be controlled by ABB’s new IRC5P paint robot control system. The controller provides a user-friendly interface with multilingual support and advanced programming capabilities, including Robview5 for diagnostics and production trend reports.