ESAB has developed and introduced a solid wire with an outstanding welding performance and without the disadvantages of a copper coating. ESAB OK ArtistoRod, the latest development in bare welding wire technology, avoids the gradual clogging of liners with copper dust and the associated problems of erratic wire feeding, poor arc stability and spatter. Current transfer, contact tip wear and resistance against corrosion of the wire surface are at the level of the best copper-coated wire, thanks to a major advance in wire surface technology.

There is a whole new family of OK ArtistoRod wires available for un- and lowalloyed steels, both on spools and ESAB’s downtime-saving Marathon Pacs.

As a result, manufacturers in the automotive sector can now benefit from a stable, trouble-free MAG process offering higher productivity and visually improved welds, whether they are using a manual, mechanised or robotic welding process.

It adds up to a higher deposition rate, reduced maintenance downtime and a reduction in post-weld labour, giving increased productivity and lower welding costs.