Corus Steel has launched a new steel grade, Dual Phase (DP) 800HyPerform, described as ‘an advanced high-strength steel designed specifi cally for the automotive industry’. DP800HyPerform is suitable for producing lightweight automotive parts, such as structural members and reinforcements that must be highly crash-resistant. The minimum ultimate tensile strength of the steel is 780 MPa, similar to that of Corus’s existing DP800 grade, with the difference being that DP800HyPerform offers improved ductility, formability and weldability. This makes it particularly well suited for complex stamped parts. DP800HyPerform is available with a hot-dipped galvanised zinc coating, which returns a lower cost than the electrolitically galvanised zinc coating required for TRIP steels. The improved formability of this high-strength steel results in higher processing yield, enabling further part consolidation. -