Germany – Replacing Berthold Huber and Hartmut Meine, who recently resigned, Jörg Hofmann and Johan Järvklo took up their mandates on November 20 and 22 respectively. Hofmann is first chairman of IG Metall, while Järvklo represents the Swedish Metal Workers’ Union at Scania.

Hans Pötsch, chairman of the supervisory board, thanked both the departing members and extended special gratitude to Huber, who held the role of interim chairman for several months this year. He said: “Mr Berthold Huber shouldered great responsibility during a critical phase and helped to strengthen our company.”

Bernd Osterloh, member of the executive committee as well as chairman of the general and works councils at VW, added that Huber had been “willing to search for the right decisions” and that this had “proved particularly valuable during the past difficult weeks”, in reference to the emissions cheating scandal which has engulfed the vehicle-maker.