Hexagon Metrology has added its new range of BRAVO HP horizontal-arm measuring systems to its existing range. BRAVO HP was developed for flexible and accurate dimensional inspection of thin-walled components like bodyshells, car bodies and subassemblies.

The BRAVO HP features a stable and precise mechanical structure with an integrated temperature compensation system.

It comes with a wide range of probes, probe heads, wrists and accessories, and offers measuring ranges from 4,000 to 9,000mm on the X axis (special longer strokes can be obtained upon request), 1,600mm on the Y axis, and 2,100 to 3,000mm on the Z axis.

Measurement accuracy starts from 20 + 15L/1000 μm.

Two opposing arms operate in synch, via a central control unit, for the complete measurement of full bodyshells. The transducer guarantees 0.5μm resolution.

The BRAVO HP line is made of steel, thus ensuring high structural stability. All axes use recirculating ball bearing pads sliding on high-precision guideways. The innovative backlashfree horizontal-arm counterbalance keeps the load centered on the mobile carriage so as to reduce the mechanical deformations of the carriage itself.

The open structure can be embedded flush floor and the walkable covers on the longitudinal axes guarantee optimum access to the measuring area and simplify parts loading/unloading, as well as programming and automatic dimensional inspection.

All models are equipped with robust and reliable motors coupled with rigid rackpinion systems achieving a positioning speed of 52 meters per minute in space. These features enhance metrologic throughput of the system and guarantee an outstanding service life without performance degradation.