Heller is reporting a substantial upsurge in demand for machines equipped with fifth axis capability. The uniquely configured MCH-C range of machines, which have a 360,000x 0.001degree swivelling head, has been introduced as an extension of the MCH range.

The 5-axis MCH-C was fi rst developed, as are all Heller machines, in response to a demand for greater machining versatility. It has been designed and manufactured to give maximum productivity, minimised piece part costs and therefore the greatest possible profi tability. It is a powerful, dynamic and versatile machine, capable of handling large parts (pallet size up to 800x1000mm and up to four tonnes maximum weight). High dynamics give excellent positioning and circular machining accuracy. The speed package ensures greater acceleration, increased drive power, and an extended speed range.

The fifth axis on the MCH-C permits simultaneous fi ve-axis machining and fi ve-sided machining at freely selectable machining angles. Spindle speed is 6000rpm (option 8000rpm) and rapid traverse is 50m/min. Chip to chip time is 6.8s. Maximum torque is 822Nm. The rigid, one piece cast iron construction of the machine bed and thermosymmetrically constructed gantry column ensure accuracy even for the tightest toleranced parts.