The new MLS ModuleLine System from Heller Machine Tools is a cleverly networked and fully integrated system composed of flexible machines, linked together in an almost-infi nitely variable pattern to give maximum versatility in production, even allowing the production facility to be built while the engine design is still fluid.

Each machine forms one independent, but fully integrated, module, linked by a fully-automated parts and tool handling system and a single integrated system controller.

This allows the greatest possible yield to be achieved at the least possible expense by increased machine running times, reduced idle times, flexible component flow, optimal machine utilisation, and high output, even in a reconfi gured or only partially utilised operation. The MLS control combines the capability of each machine with the process sequence for each component to create the perfect match.

Using adaptable machining modules, components are conveyed from station to station by centrally automated tractionless carriages. Components can skip stations as the machining sequence dictates. Tools are not necessarily tied to a specifi c machine because they are handled by the central control system. In addition, the MLS can be reconfi gured easily and inexpensively for batch components or extended to increase volumes.

Floor space saving is more than a third compared with a machining centre system.