J-Flex is an innovative handling system for pre-treatment and e-coat plants. The system consists of specifi c trolleys for body handling driven by chains. Body dip and rotation movements are independent thus they can be combined in order to obtain optimised working positions. The complete system is controlled by a software which enables to fit individual movement pattern to each body.

Mechanical stress on the body, due to hydrodynamic resistance, is minimised and treatment is improved even in the most hidden parts of the car body.

J-flex’s simple design and easy maintenance means it is key to effi cient production ensuring competitiveness. Characteristics include:

  • Continuous or indexed operation according to the production volume
  • High flexibility of cycle planning according to the body material
  • Extreme planning flexibility for dip, tilting and emersion movements according to the body type and model
  • Minimisation of the overall dimensions of pre-treatment and e-coat lines
  • Tank volume optimisation and consequent reduction of chemical products consumption
  • Reduced management and maintenance costs
  • Extremely reliable and robust process.