The new Spotchecker from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a hand-held spot weld fl aw detector. Complete with application-specifi c software, it is a portable solution for spot weld testing, especially useful in the automotive sector.

Spotchecker allows inspection to be carried out at the place of welding, rather than having to move welded parts to dedicated inspection points. As such, it offers a potential for signifi cant gains in productivity.

Combining ultrasonic interrogation with electronic data processing, Spotchecker provides a package solution for performing inspection, evaluation and documentation of weld testing results. By setting out inspection and test plans, specifying the number of welds to be inspected and describing the test location material data, test diagrams and ultrasonic settings, the UltraLOG software allows Spotchecker to be used by relatively unskilled personnel.

Spotchecker is sealed to IP65 and is lighter (3.5kg) and smaller than any other instrument in the current product line. It features an 8” LCD touch screen, six programmable function keys and twin track balls, allowing increased ease of use in the most restricted testing locations.