GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has launched the NETernity RM980RC and RM982RC 6U VMEbus Gigabit Ethernet switches. Both units are RoHScompliant, and are capable of Layer-2 switching and routing at wire speed. Transition modules of 12-, 22-, and 24-ports are available, the latter two requiring two chassis slots, while all are capable of facilitating communications within a chassis as well as supporting the external network

The RM982RC is a confi guration-managed switch, featuring GE Fanuc’s embedded OpenWare Lite management software. This allows the switch to be monitored and/ or controlled either locally or remotely.

Management features include support for VLANs, MSTP, trunking, mirroring and limited SNMP. It can be confi gured with either 24 copper rear Gigabit Ethernet I/O ports or 22 copper rear I/O ports plus two fi bre or copper ports routed to the front panel.

The unmanaged RM980RC provides a lower cost option for customers not requiring a managed switch, and is available in three confi gurations. The entry level unit supports twelve Gigabit Ethernet ports routed to rear I/O. Alternatively, a 24-port version and 22-port version are available, the latter with two further copper ports with RJ45 connectors routed through the front panel.