Friction around the moving wire and/or the filler metal in MIG/MAG welding causes wear in the contact tube. This wear alters the contact surface between the tube and the wire, resulting in positional changes and hard-tocontrol infl uences that adversely affect welding parameters. The innovative ‘Contec’ contact system from Fronius offers a practical solution.

Moving elements help create a special geometry that keeps contact surfaces and forces between the tube and the wire within predefined ranges.

In automated processes, the user benefi ts from considerably improved process stability and improved machine availability.

The internal grinding at the tube outlet (which generally occurs on one side) and its ‘expansion’ due to particles rubbed off by the wire, both contribute equally to substandard results in welding processes. Further, the erratic resistance caused by the changes in the contact force has a destabilising effect on the welding current and voltage. With respect to the wire, properties such as diameter, tolerances, strength, finish, contamination or temperature fl uctuations can have an adverse impact on the welding parameters. With the Contec system, solving this problem will avoid having to individually address each of these contributory factors.