Fortress Interlocks has introduced an Emergency Stop (E-stop) into its eGard range of safety interlocks that can be confi gured to connect to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or AS-i network. The E-stop AS-i enabled has only one fl exible cable that clips the E-stop and base connector together for easy installation. Easy connection to an AS-i monitor means that programming complex functions can be completed through a single monitor and, once verified, the system cannot be modified without access passwords as an added security measure.

eGard is a modular system that simply clips together and provides a vast number of options including the addition of stop and start switches, indicator lights or gate switch modules and designed to fit straight on to a standard extruded aluminium machine guarding without the need for additional brackets. Ease of installation of the modules and unit, and an internal network that is self-confi guring, provides huge cost savings to the specifi er on wiring and installations. All eGard confi gurations can be easily connected to PLCs and mimic panels, or used on an AS-interface network.

The beauty of eGard is its adaptability; modules and features can constantly be added or removed. Its corrosion resistant body is designed for Category 4, high risk, applications and complies with international standards.