Metris has released Focus Scan 5.1 and Inspection 9.1, which streamline the digital inspection process and embed it into the CAD-centric design-throughmanufacturing process, saving both time and money. Metris Focus is a fully-featured software suite for point cloud data acquisition and inspection. For non-contact 3D metrology applications, Focus drives the digital inspection process by reducing manual operation and delivering maximum analysis fl exibility. Focus Scan 5.1 and Inspection 9.1 offer a short learning curve for novice users, while providing advanced users with powerful processing capabilities. Detailed digital verifi cation ensures that moulds, tools and fi rst parts meet geometric quality standards. Also in production, Focus-driven inspection effi ciently monitors product quality to detect tool wear or other changes in the fabrication process. This illustrates how Focus adds speed and versatility to the development and production of machined metal, composite or plastic parts. Focus Inspection 9.1 supports point clouds of infi nite size on 64-bit computers, and considerably increases the speed of a broad range of actions, including fi ltering, subtraction, global comparison, and meshing. Today, Focus Inspection software covers enhanced clipping-planes functionality for unambiguous CT-scan interpretation and the most complete GD&T implementation that is compliant with the ASME Y14.5M standard. Furthermore, Focus Inspection 9.1 includes CAD importers update to ACIS R18 and extended best-fi t capabilities to facilitate automation and eliminate manual interaction. -