Tool holders with long projections are being increasingly used worldwide, particularly in moulding and toolmaking for the automotive industry. Rego-Fix has developed the ‘XL’ for long tool holders. By means of the integrated vibration damping system, vibrations and chatter are almost eliminated, meaning that optimum process results can be achieved with even complex moulds. The XL has a slim design and can be supplied in various standard lengths up to A-dimensions of 400mm. The entire system is precision balanced to deliver improved vibration damping and concentricity. The new tool holder programme is offered for the TC 40 / TC 50 (DIN 69871) and BT 40 / BT 50 (MAS 403) types as well as for HSK-A 63 / HSK-A 100 (DIN 69893) with collet sizes of PG 10, PG 15 and PG 25, as well as ER 16 and ER 32. This covers standard cutting tool shank diameters from 0.2mm to 20mm. Rego-Fix is further able to supply additional tool holder types upon request. -