ESAB has launched the Hybrio family of hybrid laser arc welding equipment. The units combine the benefits of laser welding and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) to create an automated process that is up to ten times faster than conventional alternatives, with up to 90% less heat input and substantially reduced distortion.

The hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) process is tolerant of variations in joint gap. The real-time master process controller fine-tunes the welding parameters ‘on the fly’, ensuring consistent quality and weld geometry along the length of the join. Using GMAW also allows users to add filler metal to adjust the weld’s metallurgical properties and create beads and fillets, while the lower cooling rate reduces weld hardness.

Hybrio systems are available in gantry, robotic and specialised automated configurations to suit a diverse range of industrial applications. In particular, manufacturers using high-volume industrial fabrication, moderate batch sizes and a low part mix can benefit from the higher productivity and improved quality.