Dow Chemical Company has introduced ENGAGE XLT, a new grade of polyolefin elastomer for thermoplastic olefins (TPOs) used to produce interior and exterior automotive components. ENGAGE XLT provides a variety of benefits. Compounders can take advantage of improved impact effi ciency that enables lower elastomer loading in the TPO, while still delivering excellent impact performance. This lower elastomer loading results in higher TPO stiffness and melt fl ow, allowing part thin-walling for reduced final part weight. Computer simulations have shown a reduction of up to 10% in total part weight with components made with ENGAGE XLT. The simulations also demonstrate that the reduced wall thickness improves moulding cycle times, and actual part moulding has shown improved demolding characteristics for improved part quality.

“This product represents the next advancement in TPO impact modification,” said Dave Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Dow Elastomers. “The ability of ENGAGE XLT to facilitate the production of lighter, larger parts with a faster mould time will allow compounders and manufacturers to cost-effectively produce fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising quality.”