Fronius’s new system package and its variants are designed for use with a combination of standard process arm robots and the tried and tested TransPuls Synergic welding systems. The system packages offer the user such benefi ts as cheaper, simpler and more reliable robot programming, reduced robot loading and therefore higher acceleration, plus shorter idle times and a longer service life for the well-protected, mediacarrying internal hosepacks. As the interference profi le of the hosepacks has now been defi ned, the operator can also program the workfl ow offl ine. The process arm peripherals also increase the accessibility and freedom of movement of the robot and permit more compact welding cells, which also contributes to the productivity of the 2/3 work process. Users can assemble this system package according to the type of robot, welding task and any other requirements. There’s a choice between gas and water-cooled systems and a welding current range of up to 320 or 500 amps. The wirefeed units are either analog or digitally controlled. Robacta torches are now available for the push system. All the welding equipment, from power source to torch nozzle, has been carefully designed and is compatible, meaning that Fronius can operate as a professional, one-stop shop to provide users with a solution free of interface problems. -