Some press machine manufacturers use highperformance servo motors as ram drives. These have short-term, high energy requirements for the targeted acceleration – which can lead to voltage dips in the power supply. To counteract these, Fanuc GE has developed ‘energy charge’ modules, which can buffer the energy and thus ensure smooth energy consumption from the mains supply. Large servo motors form part of the product range of Fanuc GE: these can provide power consumption peaks of up to 530kW and a maximum torque of 5500Nm. For even higher power, two or four motors can be used in tandem or synchronous mode. They are suitable, among other things, for use in press machines, where they offer useful advantages compared to conventional drives: as servo motors can be directly controlled, the cycles can be programmed fl exibly and precisely, usually resulting in time saving and productivity increase. In addition, mechanical press machines equipped with servo drives prevent damage to the tools, are cleaner and quieter than hydraulic drives, and are very fl exible.