This year’s Hannover Fair from April 21-25, 2008 includes 10 flagship international trade fairs and more than 1,000 themed special presentations and forums. The scope ranges from the latest trends in automation, technologies for maximising energy efficiency and security, state-of-the-art automotive solutions to customised PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) IT solutions

The leading event in its sector, Factory Automation presents the whole spectrum of integrated automation solutions for industrial manufacturing, including electric power transmission systems and the latest innovations in mechanical engineering and robotics. Other special interest shows include Digital Factory, Subcontracting, Energy, Power Plant Technology, Pipeline Technology, Micro-technology and Research and Technology. Some of the companies that will be exhibiting at the Hannover Fair 2008 appear here:

ABB Automation
Hall 11, Stand A34/A35

ABB Automation will be showcasing its latest developments in control systems, drives, motors and robotics. On display will be the company’s new ACSM1 drives, which debuted at last year’s Hannover Fair. These drives, which cover a power range from 1hp to 60hp, extend the capabilities of the company’s line of machinery drives by adding position control to the speed and torque control offered by previous drives.

Robotics applications on show include robotic vision - using machine vision to help position robots in 3D space. The other application is advanced force control, an ABB technology that gives robots the ability to sense and adjust the forces they exert. These technologies allow robots to ‘see’ and ‘feel’, which in turn opens up assembly, machining and finishing applications that previously caused trouble for robots.

ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe
Hall 5, Stand D04

ArcelorMittal’s Flat Carbon division will present its sheet solutions for the global automotive industry on the stand of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as part of the Industrial Technology Fair at Hannover. ArcelorMittal has the ability to serve a carmaker’s global platform, delivering standardised materials and specifications worldwide. Backed by a unique range of advanced steel grades and a powerful research and development effort, ArcelorMittal adds value at every stage of vehicle design and production.

Dassault Systemes
Hall 17, Stand C40

Dassault Systemes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, will be demonstrating its PLM V6 offering. This new version provides the basis for future PLM applications designed to improve productivity across enterprises and help shorten time-to-market for products.

The V6 platform will ease use of PLM applications across multi-disciplinary engineering and business groups. Based on a single, open and scaleable service-orientated architecture, the V6 platform allows global teams to collaborate on the development of a new product line including product specifications, design and development. Dassault Systemes’ new platform is based on MatrixOne technology and a suite of integrated applications that cover a wide range of PLM processes, including product planning and development, materials sourcing and compliance and program management.

The company’s V6 PLM offerings include CATIA, a product definition and simulation offering, ENOVIA, the foundation for V6’s PLM platform for cross-industry, business processes and DELMIA, a digital manufacturing process environment used to optimise production systems and processes.

Hall 15, Stand A12/D07

All demonstrations make extensive use of Festo’s fluidic muscles, an alternative to pneumatic cylinders and other actuators. Consisting of an elastomer tube reinforced by aramid fibres, these actuators contract quickly and exert a pulling force when they’re filled with a blast of compressed air or hydraulic fluid. And much like their natural muscle counterparts, these bionic muscles experience a decay in force as they shorten. Festo’s Corporate Design Centre reports that the company has developed muscles that can exert 6,000 N of force when filled to a pressure of 6 bar. They can respond quickly too, at frequencies up to 100 Hz. Twenty-five per cent smaller than comparable pneumatic actuators, they also require minimal space.

Fronius International
Hall 6, Stand G43

Fronius will be demonstrating its Energy Cell at the centre of the Group Exhibit on Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in Hall 13, Stand G66. For more than 60 years, Fronius International has been researching new technologies to control and distribute electrical energy. In addition to solar electronics, the company has welding technology and battery charging systems divisions that are internationally successful.

Hall 16, Stand D16

Kabelschlepp will be showing its new MC-1300, which is currently the largest version of the M-Series cable carrier, with 87mm height and an interior width of 100mm to 800mm.

This new line is characterised as being ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions. It is also designed for minimum joint wear, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. This makes the new chain ideal for outdoor duty in cranes and on site. Kabelschlepp will also be showing its new generation of cost-effective, light and quiet UNIFLEX Series products, now featuring optimised geometry to make the carrier more stable and robust.

Kawasaki Robotics
Hall 16, Stand H17

Kawasaki Robotics will be showing its new ‘K Series’ of explosion-proof painting robots with a line-up of eight models to cover all types of work, from mobile phone cases to executive cars.

Four basic types of robot are available, from the KF121 for small work to the KE610 for the automotive inner and outer chassis painting. A variety of wrists with up to six differing axes of movement in roll or bend offer further flexibility of use. All robot arms are fitted with built-in hoses as standard. Internally fitting the hoses minimises the opportunity of mist and spray sticking to piping and from dust being attracted to the workpiece. These internal hoses are either 40 mm or 70 mm in diameter.

Hall 9

Leoni has expanded the range of products and services in its Robotic Solutions business unit and boosted its competitive position in the market for robot-controlled automation technology (robotics).

The Leoni subsidiary Advintec (
has until now specialised in order picking and installation of robot function packs, for example, spot welding of car body shells. The acquisition of Robot-tec by Leoni enables the company to directly equip these for the corresponding application and commission them immediately. The customer base comprises multinational vehicle makers such as General Motors, BMW, Daimler and VW, as well as their component suppliers. Also included are machinery and plant manufacturers, as well as robot makers.

Hall 11, Stand C69

The Moeller Group is one of the leading global suppliers of systems and components concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial, infrastructure and residential building applications. The company focuses on command and control devices, motor starters and drives, circuit breakers and building automation. All Moeller products can be combined in mechanical, electrical and digital terms, enabling their customers to arrive at flexible, customised solutions in a quick, easy, efficient and cost-effective way. One example is the use of Moeller products in resistance welding equipment in bodyshops worldwide, used to switch the welding power or to control the welding guns.

Pepperl + Fuchs
Hall 7, Stand A10/C14/E30

Pepperl+Fuchs designs, produces and distributes electronic sensors and components for the global automation market. The Process Automation Division is the market leader for intrinsically safe components and intrinsically safe decentralised peripherals. Its products connect with Fieldbus Components and allow the simple design of Fieldbus Topology.

On display among other items will be the new F99 inclination sensor, which combines durability and simplicity into one small housing. Visitors can also view the company’s ultrasound system to detect double-thickness materials. One of the causes of production interruptions in such cases is often the unintentional drawing in of double materials or double sheets. As processing tools are normally not designed for double material strengths, they are therefore at an acute risk of damage or destruction.

Hall 11, Stand A10

Pilz invented the safety relay and its world-firsts include a programmable safety system for machinery, an approved safe field bus, the SafetyBUSp and the recently released PNOZmulti, a freely-configurable safety relay. On display will be a range of machine builders and system integrators using Pilz technology to safeguard their applications. The safeguarding methods covered include: SafetyEYE (the world’s first 3D machine vision-based safety monitoring system), PSS, PNOZmulti-configurable modular safety controllers, interlock guard switches with solenoid locking, safety light curtains and high-integrity, coded non-contact guard switches; perimeter fencing; interlocking devices; electro-sensitive safety systems; light beam devices; laser scanners; capacitance safety devices; pressure-sensitive mats; two-hand controls; trip devices; positive stops; brakes; emergency stop actuators and enabling devices.

Schuler Pressen
Hall 4, Stand E42

As the leader in forming technology in the world market, Schuler delivers production lines, tools and dies, as well as process know-how for the entire metalworking industry. The company’s exhibit at Hannover Messe will include a variety of these applications. Its most important customers include vehicle makers and their suppliers, plus the electromotor and household appliance industries. As a systems supplier the company can offer everything from a single source. It designs and builds all the components required for the manufacturing process within the Schuler Group of companies.

Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik
Hall 1, Stand E50

Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik is one of 60 operating companies of the Schunk Group, a global company offering materials engineering and system technology. Its main products include: Bi-polar plates, fuel cell components, micro fuel cells, mobile fuel cells, stationary fuel cells, DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell), PEMFC fuel cell). A range of these products will be on display at Hannover Messe 2008. Recently Schunk has been working on a robust and innovative PEM (proton exchange membrane) stack technology. It is now establishing the manufacturing of stacks under production conditions. This enables the company to supply completely inspected standardised stack modules covering a wide range of fuel cell power requirements.

Hall 9, Stand F54

SICK has been producing industrial sensors for more than 50 years. The main applications for SICK sensors are industrial sensors, industrial safety systems, environmental monitoring and auto identification. SICK’s sensors assist in controlling many applications - from A, for the automotive industry to Z, for zone monitoring - reliably and efficiently while protecting people from accidents and preventing environmental damage. On display will be products such as W12-3 photoelectric switches; W4S-3 miniature photoelectric switch; inductive and optical sensors for the food and beverage industry; Transparent Label Detection in a whole range of industrial applications.

Hall 9, Stand A72

This year’s Hannover Fair offers the Siemens Group’s Automation and Drives (A&D) and Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) divisions an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their pioneering role as the leading global provider of automation solutions. Visitors to the Siemens stand can expect to see numerous innovations grouped around the futuristic topics of digital engineering, wireless communication, Profinet, safety and energy efficiency.