Omron Scientific Technologies has introduced its MiniSafe® MS4800 series of safety light curtains available in advanced, standard and basic versions.

A cascaded confi guration reduces cabinet space requirements and provides effective guarding in multi-sided and dual-axis applications. Optical scan codes eliminate cross talk, which enables OEMs to consistently build identical machines without staggering the transmitter and receiver position. Individual beam indicators simplify alignment, external device monitoring ensures control reliability, and machine test signal allows the machine control system to ensure proper operation of the light curtain safety outputs.

Advanced and standard models allow users to select automatic start or start/restart mode for point-of-operation or perimeter guarding. These models are also loaded with blanking features ideal for ingress and egress applications such as presses and mills, among others.

Advanced and basic models can be used with an intuitive and easy-touse Programming Diagnostic Module (PDM). Users can reduce downtime and maintenance cost by reading detailed diagnostic codes and executing troubleshooting commands via the PDM.

The MS4800 family is available with sensing ranges from 7 metres for 14mm resolution systems and 20 metres for 20, 30 and 40mm resolution systems.