Omron STI’s F3SJ Safety Light Curtains make selecting and installing a safety light curtain easier than ever – users need only specify the required confi guration type and sensor length. F3SJ safety light curtains are available in fi nger protection, hand protection or hand/limb body protection confi gurations.

Sensors with protective heights of up to nearly 2.5 meters are available for applications that involve large-sized workpieces.

The F3SJ safety light curtain is 6mm thinner than previous models, and when used with the newly designed mounting brackets that allow beams to be aligned after the sensor is mounted, the total thickness is just 26mm – a reduction of 19mm. The low profile allows users to add safety to existing equipment without the safety light curtains getting in the way. F3SJ cables (0.3 m) have M12 connectors and a 5mm bending radius, and can be routed in literally any direction, for simplified wiring. Up to 4 sets, or 400 beams, can be connected in series, and with series connection cables up to 15 meters in length users can effectively safeguard a wide area.

All F3SJ safety light curtain system parameters can be set with intuitive software, and system status can be checked with a laptop computer. When a computer isn’t the most convenient tool for the worksite, an optional Setting Console is a handy way to set parameters, monitor system status, and quickly troubleshoot errors.