Dürr has launched its new EcoBell3 atomizers for the electrostatic application of water-based paints in conjunction with external charging. The performance of this atomizer is said to surpasses its predecessor, offering new features that not only lead to minimal loss during colour changes and shortened color change times, but also with new process technology options. Most importantly, EcoBell3 is equally suitable for either interior or exterior painting, made possible with the use of a very compact electrode ring. Combining interior and exterior painting allows a signifi cant reduction in the overall length of the paint facility, the two processes combined in a single area. Additional investment and operational savings are realized by only having to purchase robots for the reduced paint area. An important application area for the EcoBell3 atomizer is the painting of bumpers and other plastic components. From an application perspective, the bumper combines the demands of exterior and interior painting in one component; large surfaces and areas of detail must be covered in the same operation. This application requires a compact, powerful, highlyfl exible atomizer, with the ability to paint continuously without interruption – the EcoBell3 meets these conditions. www.durr.com