Dura has developed a new range of triple-injected plastic cappings for A-pillar, B-post and B-pillar structures. While ensuring optimal safety and quality, triple-injected plastic cappings are made out of a notably lighter material. The weight saving is 40 per cent compared to metal and there is at least a 25 per cent saving in costs. Triple-injection technology uses the pressurised plastic injection procedure with the added advantage of greater design freedom. This light material consists of a “high gloss” surface coating using Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). No paint or other surface treatment is necessary. The surface can be tinted or stippled according to the customer’s requirements These cappings fi t perfectly on the bodywork or around the windows. In fact, the thermoplastic multi-injection process, done with rotational moulds and cleat movements between the injections, allows layers of complementary materials to be injected: ABS, which makes the part highly shock resistance, TPE provides fl exibility for good waterproofi ng on the bodywork and PMMA, which ensures a high gloss surface. Triple-injection technology also allows fastenings to be inserted into the body of the plastic cappings. - www.duraauto.com