The Sinamics G120 series of inverters from Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is being expanded with a distributed version with degree of protection IP65. The Sinamics G120D is characterised by its very flat type of construction, a uniform footprint and high degree of uniformity for power outputs from 0,75 to 7.5 kW. The distributed frequency inverter also features integrated safety functions that are outstanding in this power class. The inverter is primarily suitable for conveyor system applications such as those encountered in the automotive industry.

The Sinamics G120D has an especially compact design and the uniform footprint for all power outputs allows simple replacement and expansion. The safety functions, which are integrated in the Sinamics G120D and provide encoderless protection for people and machines, are unique. They include STO (safety torque off), SS1 (safe stop 1) and SLS (safely limited speed). The functions are activated and deactivated by means of the Profisafe protocol. Thanks to an innovative powerin feed concept, the Sinamics G120D needs only around 80 per cent of the power of comparable frequency inverters.