Dürr Ecoclean EcoCSpeed offers new advantages for inline cleaning of individual parts. This innovative system makes it possible for the fi rst time to clean complex geometrical workpieces during the manufacturing cycle using non-halogenated hydrocarbon. The EcoCSpeed has several process modules that can be loaded in delayed phases via a specially designed handling system. The cleaning process may include injection fl ood washing, steam scouring, and vacuum drying, and the cycle time can be adjusted to suit the manufacturing cycle.

Cleanliness is achieved even for stringent specifi cations. Process quality and effi ciency is ensured by cleaning complex parts individually rather than in batches. In the past, short cycle times and strict cleanliness requirements presented problems for inline cleaning processes, especially when cleaning complex, massproduced workpieces. Very complex, continuous systems were required, and the spraying methods used in these systems were only partially able to clean the parts. With the innovative EcoCSpeed, Dürr Ecoclean offers a solution that makes it possible to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons to clean workpieces with a complex geometry within the manufacturing cycle.

Complex shapes include pumps, cases, ABS and common rail parts, as well as gears, crankshafts and camshafts. The system, which is equipped with several process modules, was designed to be integrated in production lines, or directly connected to production systems and machining centres. The workpieces can be cleaned individually or as a batch from production in a product carrier. www.durr.com